What Our Customers Say…


MCC-Site-Icon“We switched to Motorcar Colors to control cost and inventory.  Motorcar Colors has helped us accomplish those goals.”


“MMCC-Site-Iconotorcar Colors’ innovative approach of doing business keeps them one step ahead of the competition.”



“With Motorcar Colors, I can always get to the top guy and get an answer quickly.  That matters.”  

MCC-Site-Icon“MCC is proactive.  They do the legwork and formulate the order.  He looks at my inventory and sees what I’m not using and gives me a credit.“ 


MCC-Site-Icon“If I have an issue or question, [George] has an answer.  No run around.”  


MCC-Site-Icon“I’d recommend MCC.  I would tell them [another repair shop], no paint issues, no supplier issues, good service and fair prices.  If you’re looking for something else – chisel and discount for 3 or 4% go somewhere else.  They’ll end up changing the supplier on you anyway.”