Why Motorcar Colors?

“The last thing you do to a car is the first thing you see.”
~Chip Foose

We know the amount of work and number of decisions that go into a good repair.
So, we make it easy!

We specialize in BASF because we believe in the benefits to our customers.  BASF is a production-line paint that is used by major car manufacturers and meets all OEM standards.  Ultimately, every car that leaves your shop will look as good as the original.

In addition, our dedicated and knowledgeable team will be by your side every step of the way. From ordering and managing inventory to delivering the best products, most of us have worked in body shops, collision centers and other service industries throughout our working lives.  We understand your challenges and have tailored MCC’s services to fit your needs:

  • Vast, on-hand inventory and sizeable fleet can deliver a wide range of materials with multiple, same day delivery.
  • Proprietary inventory control system includes monthly usage reporting and custom reports that help keep your inventory current, accurate and organized.
  • Customized, technical and managerial training can be provided either in house or on-site, whichever is best for your situation.

In the end, your customers will be satisfied with the result and you will be satisfied with the process.